Oleksandr Kadnikov

Oleksandr Kadnikov

Born in Crimea, in 1967. Lives and works in Simferopol.

Graduated from college in 1985, photo department.

His first photo exhibition «Far, Far, Far» (Simferopol, 1988) was closed by the order of the Crimea Regional Committee of the Communist Party as «Anti-Soviet».

2006 - 2008 - photo editor of the "Expert Ukraine" magazine, Kyiv.

2003 - 2006 - he headed the photographic department in the "Profil" magazine, Kyiv.

Organizer and participant of more than ninety photo and video projects in Ukraine and abroad (Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Slovakia), one of the leading photographers in the "Nash" magazine, the author of the photographs for more than one hundred books.

Author of ideas and active participant in artistic groups and coalitions "KaBul", "Brothers Grimm", "in the name of Giordano Bruno", "Kvas" and "Skif".

The photographer's legacy includes 128 magazine covers for "Nash", "Expert Ukraine", "Profil", "Time Out", "Comments", "10 Days", "M-club", "Crimean Riviera", "Kyiv City", "All Week", "SHO", "BOSS".

Personal Exhibitions


The Rake, within The First Kyiv International Biennale of Contemporary Art ARSENALE 2012, Mystetskyi Arsenal, curated by David Elliott

The Rake, Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv

Simferopol. Moneybox, Haydelberh, Germany

The Rake, Ya Gallery art center, Dnipropetrovsk


Loudspeaker (with Nina Murashkina and Pavlo Makov), Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv


Tmatarakan, Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv


Solyanka, Art Museum, Energodar


Not issued, RA Gallery, Kyiv


Sign language, Crimean Republican Regional Museum, Simferopol

Group Exhibitions


Neofolk project, Ya Gallery art center's program of visual art at GOGOLFEST 2012, curated by Pavlo Gudimov


The Ground, Cherkasy Art Museum, curated by Pavlo Gudimov

Word, Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv, curated by Pavlo Gudimov


In Out, Ya Gallery art center, Dnipropetrovsk, curated by Pavlo Gudimov


Dream of Mind Born, Kvas Group (O. Kadnikov and S. Vasiliev), RA Gallery, Kyiv


Canine Waltz, RA Gallery, Kyiv


Feed-I, the Russian PEN Club, Moscow

Feed-II, Chekhov Museum, Moscow


Belly and Conditioned Reflex, KEP Gallery, Kyiv


Apocrypha, the Group of Kabul (O. Kadnikov and B. Bulychov), KEP Gallery, Simferopol

Alter Ego, anti-exhibition in "Nash" Magazine, Dnipropetrovsk

Catalog of the author's works
11.06.2013 – 29.06.2013
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center
16.05.2012 – 05.06.2012
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center1
02.03.2012 – 14.04.2012
Exhibition Dnipropetrovsk Ya Gallery Art Center
05.05.2010 – 08.06.2010
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center
10.08.2022 – 10.09.2022
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
10.08.2022 – 25.09.2022
Exhibition Lviv Ya Gallery
14.09.2022 – 15.10.2022
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
15.06.2022 – 18.09.2022
Exhibition Lviv Center of Architecture, Design and Urbanism Gunpowder TOWER
27.04.2022 – 26.06.2022
Exhibition Lviv Ya Gallery
20.01.2022 – 17.04.2022
Exhibition Lviv Ya Gallery
20.10.2021 – 27.11.2021
15.09.2021 – 16.10.2021
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
19.02.2020 – 16.03.2020
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
22.01.2020 – 17.02.2020
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
11.01.2020 – 16.02.2020
Exhibition Lviv Ya Gallery
03.12.2019 – 09.01.2020
23.10.2019 – 01.12.2019
Exhibition Lviv Ya Gallery
09.10.2019 – 09.12.2019
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery