Tiberiy Silvashi

Tiberiy Silvashi

Born 1947 in Mukachevo, Zakarpattya region. Lives and works in Kyiv.

1966 - graduated from Taras Shevchenko State Art School.

1972 - graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

In 1995 Szilvashi was awarded with the "Artist of the Year" title in Ukraine and received a scholarship from Munich Municipality. Artist's curator projects were presented at International Art Festival in Kyiv in 1996 and 1998.

Tiberiy Szilvashi's works are in public and private collections in Munich, Vienna, New Jersey, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Uzhhorod, Kyiv and other cities in Europe and the USA.

"I don't paint, I cultivate painting".

Tiberiy Szilvashi

"In one interview, to the question why he does painting Silvashi replied with the following: "For me, it is a way to establish harmony with the world, because the man is doomed to existential loneliness". In this phrase - experience of a man and an artist for whom painting is a way of thinking, feeling and "embodying" himself as a personality, communicating about the world beyond words".

Galyna Sklyarenko

Selected exhibitions


In Our Paradise, Ya Gallery art center, Dnipropetrovsk, curated by Halyna Sklyarenko, Valeriy Saharuk

Monochromes, Ya Gallery art center, Dnipropetrovsk


Great and Majestic, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv

The Art of the 1960s - early 2000s, the National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv, curated by Oksana Barshynova

FINE ART UKRAINE 2013, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv

Ukrainian slice. Lyman, Workshop Culture, Lublin


Neofolk project, Ya Gallery art center's program of visual art at GOGOLFEST 2012, curated by Pavlo Gudimov

Framing, in the Parallel program of ARSENALE 2012, Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv, curated by Pavlo Gudimov

Myth. Ukrainian Baroque, National Museum of Fine Arts, Kyiv, curated by Galyna Sklyarenko, Oksana Barshynova


The Ground, Cherkasy Art Museum, curated by Pavlo Gudimov

Paper Wars, LITEXPO, Art Vilnius '11

Mr. Gold, Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv, curated by Pavlo Gudimov

Feel! Abstract Art vs Contemporary Music, Ya Gallery art center, curated by Pavlo Gudimov, Dnipropetrovsk

Ukrainian Abstraction. Black-and-white paintings, Bottega Gallery, Kyiv

Surface, Bottega Gallery, Kyiv

Independent, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv

20 years of presence, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv

Breath of the Earth, gallery M17, Kyiv


Reality. Black. White. Green, Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv

Water and oil. Works on paper, Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv

Abstract art, (with Vasyl Bazhai), Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine, Kyiv

Project-2, for The Week of Contemporary Art, Palace of Arts, Lviv

Remoteness of Closeness, Lviv National Art Gallery

Horizon, Ya Gallery art centrer, Kyiv

Abstract Vision Test, Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv, curated by Natalia Filonenko

Folk Contemporary. Landscape, Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv, curated by Lidia Lykhach, Pavlo Gudimov

Ukrainian section, Varshtaty Kultury, Lublin, Poland


Wings II, Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv

XV, Bottega Gallery, Kyiv

ART Vilnius, Karas Gallery, Kyiv

Tuning, Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv, curated by Pavlo Gudimov

Horizon. Intro, Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv

Natural Habitat, Bottega Gallery, Kyiv

Remoteness of Closeness, gallery BWA, Lublin, Poland

Miniart, Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv, curated by Pavlo Gudimov


Paper/ Not Paper, within Art-Kyiv, Ya Gallery art center project, Ukrainian House, Kyiv

Picturesque Reserve, Version 2008, Bottega Gallery, Kyiv

Wings, Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv

Night. Day. Garden, Ukrainian Museum of Fine Arts, Kyiv


Wave Hurzuf Seasons, Hurzuf

Our Art, Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv

Painting, gallery Lenin, Zaporizhzhia

Colorfull objects, Ya Gallery art center, Kyiv

GogolFest, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv

Artists Draw, A4, Ball Pen, (graphics), Karas Gallery, Kyiv


TERRITORY, Lublin, Poland

Painting, Triptych Gallery, Kyiv

Rembandt-zoom, Karas Gallery, Kyiv


Les Artistes Peregrins, Bobigny, Toulouse, France


Adieu aux Arms, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv

АRT-Senat, Orangerie du Senat, Paris, France

Painting Skin, Karas Gallery, Kyiv


Landscape of PICTURESQUE RESERVE, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv

Kyiv Days in Moscow, New Manege, Moscow


CROSSROAD, Kunsthistorishe museum, Garrah palas, Vienna, Austria

Brand: Ukrainian, Center for Contemporary Art, Kyiv


After Art, Karas Gallery, Kyiv

Art Classes/Mirage, Center for Contemporary Art, Kyiv

"1+1" project, Lavra Gallery, Kyiv


Kolyoropys, gallery of Artists' Association, Kyiv

XX Artists of Ukraine. End of the Century, Karas Gallery, Kyiv

Painting, as part of the project Museum of Contemporary Art, Center for Contemporary Art Soviart

New Directions, Central House of Artist, Kyiv


New Directions, Central House of Artist, Kyiv

Epiphany, gallery Minareten, Graz, Austria


Painting of Tiberiy Szilvashi, Hans Seidel Foundation, Kyiv

Painting, Karas Gallery, Kyiv

Kyiv-Toulouse-Odense, within the International Art Festival, Gallery Lavra, Kyiv


New Works by Tiberiy Szilvashi, gallery of Artists' Association in the House of Artists, Kyiv

Painting of Tiberiy Szilvashi, Wiener Platz, Munich, Germany

Drawings of Tiberiy Szilvashi, gallery Blank-Art, Kyiv

Painting of Tiberiy Szilvashi, Espace Croix-Baragnon, Toulouse, France


Art-contra-point, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv

Exhibition of Ukrainian Painting, Galerie am Wiener Platz, Munich, Germany


Painting, Espace Croix-Baragnon, Toulouse, France

Picturesque Reserve - II, Museum of Russian Art, Kyiv

Contemporary Art of Ukraine, Musee des Augustins, Toulouse, France

Malevich's Traditions, Kyiv History Museum


Picturesque Reserve - I, Exhibition Hall of Artists' Association of Ukraine, Kyiv

New Works of Ukrainian Artists, Helsinki, Finland


Trinity (Prokopov, Yakutovych, Szilvashi), Kyiv, Ukraine - Leipzig, Germany

Bildermesse, Leipzig, Germany

Lviv-91 Revival, biennale, Lviv


Three Generations of Ukrainian Painting, Kyiv, Ukraine - Odense, Denmark

7+7, Ukrainian-Danish Painting Exhibition, Odense, Denmark - Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrainian XX Century Painting, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv


All-Union Exhibition-Contest of Painting, Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia

Baltic Countries' Art Biennale, Rostock, Germany


Exhibition of Soviet Art, Villa Mirandela Museum, Varese, Italy

"World, Events, Man", Central House of Artist, Kyiv

Catalog of the author's works
08.09.2014 – 18.10.2014
Exhibition Dnipropetrovsk Ya Gallery Art Center
04.06.2014 – 07.07.2014
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center
06.06.2012 – 02.07.2012
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center
28.10.2010 – 23.11.2010
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center
28.10.2010 – 30.11.2010
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center
Artbook Publishing House
10.08.2022 – 10.09.2022
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
27.04.2022 – 26.06.2022
Exhibition Lviv Ya Gallery
20.01.2022 – 17.04.2022
Exhibition Lviv Ya Gallery
20.10.2021 – 27.11.2021
15.09.2021 – 16.10.2021
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
19.02.2020 – 16.03.2020
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
22.01.2020 – 17.02.2020
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
11.01.2020 – 16.02.2020
Exhibition Lviv Ya Gallery
03.12.2019 – 09.01.2020
23.10.2019 – 01.12.2019
Exhibition Lviv Ya Gallery
09.10.2019 – 09.12.2019
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
04.09.2019 – 07.10.2019
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
25.07.2019 – 25.08.2019
Exhibition National Folk Decorative Art Museum 9, Lavrska str., building 2, Kyiv
17.07.2019 – 02.09.2019
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
20.06.2019 – 22.09.2019
Exhibition Lviv Lviv National Art Gallery named Boris Voznitsky