Kyiv . Ya Gallery Art Center



06.06.2012 – 10.09.2012


"Dirt as an inseparable part of the essence, dirt as an attempt to cleanse" - is the theme of the author's new project.

Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center
Schedule: 10:00 - 19:00

"Dirt as an inseparable part of the essence, dirt as an attempt to cleanse" - is the theme of the author's new project. Sadan materializes negative thoughts and emotions in anthropomorphic figures made of rope and plastic. Having begun his artistic pursuits as a graphic illustrator, today Sadan, who is a representative of the New Old Masters, while being inspired with Baroque plastics, particularly works of Ioan Heorh Pinzel, concentrated entirely on sculpture.

Human walks down from the peak of evolutionary development to the lowest level, going through a cleansing ritual and acquiring an opportunity for new self-awareness.

"We are the lowest rank - meat" - Sadan defiantly throws at the spectator to shock the latter. Theatrically accented contrast of theme and performance will imprint in spectator's memory for a long time.


Everyone tries to see something pure in their life. So do I. To see it, to feel it myself, to feel it inside myself. Examining and exploring the world, people, events, others' lives, I try to make myself believe somewhere there must be something truly pure. A man, the air, breath, action, idea, thought - something.

But the world outside me and what's inside me are stained. My thoughts are stained like a dalmatian. Each event is always stained with the previous ones and is always a consequence of what's happened before. The future will always be stained with the past...

No, I don't want to and I am not going to suggest that others are like me. Possibly, many are not as "spotted" as I am. And maybe, in some, even under the most careful examination not more than one stain would be found, but I am sure that it will be found anyways.

Everything we thing and feel... All this leaves dirt stains on us, in us. For many centuries this dirt slowly covers the place where we are.

The man is born, lives and died dirty. Purposefully or not, he spreads his dirt around. I, like everyone else, also cover myself, people and the world I live in with dirt stains...

A mythical winged creature - angel is, in my dreams, a pure person. But in the world, I live in, angels are stuck in dirt. If we could see their wings, they definitely wouldn't be white and beautiful. And this would be the best scenario. In the worst, human would be had to discern under the layers of dirt...


Born 1985 in Khmelnitsky region. Lives and works in Lviv.

2010 - graduated from the Lviv National Academy of Arts (specialty "the restoration of art works").

He started his artistic search as an illustrator and graphic artist (socially-critical themes), but today Sadan is completely focused on plastic arts which follows classical-baroque sculpture in his performance. An idea that comes through all of the artist's works and connects them into one narrative is the idea of spiritual evolution expressed in the form of physical development.