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The Rake

Oleksandr Kadnikov

02.03.2012 – 14.04.2012

Oleksandr Kadnikov

Kadnikov's method is original in a way that it is an installation frozen in photography. Instead of capturing a ready plot from the surrounding, the author constructs it himself, sculpts if from objects and symbols familiar to all the successors of Post-Soviet context.

Exhibition Dnipropetrovsk Ya Gallery Art Center


In no search for truth.

[everyone chooses their own version depending on one's education and experience]

Variant #1

Law of large numbers states: optimism multiplied by locality is no longer accidental. Our life is what's left in memory and space. Questions don't imply answers. Time is just one of paraphrenia syndrome's manifestations*. Eros and Thanatos turned into fast food. The right way to read Freud is from the end to the beginning without finishing. Details and shadows become characters. Caramel beauty keeps pretending to save the world. Instinct of self-preservation is off. Hide-and-seek has become a convenient game, but no one is looking for us. Truth and its opposite appeal with the same arguments - go figure. When you're slapped on the face, what cheek should you turn to them, or should you just evade the slap? Valued is one, who is first. They "took away the coin", but failed to return justice. Ice perfectly preserves the past. You wing was broken, but you were set free. Emptiness of a matchbox doesn't scare anymore. Post-imperial syndrome is hidden in an individual's psychosomatic. According to the ticket bought I must be somewhere close. Love your own ones so that it frightens the others. Trust the ellipsis, not the full stop. Repeat the silence like a spell. Apocalypse must be comfortable and happening to lounge music. Few managed to fool the eternity. Of the things I've read, what do I know by heart?

Variant #2

When everything is clear and there are no doubts in the soul, one wants to live constructively and positively. To pay taxes and carousel ticket fares. Hygiene of fire is a health guarantee. Not to cuss, not to fight. Not to torture oneself with the universal issues. Populus in imperium a beatus cogni. Newspapers don't lie. Think only of good. Wash your hands upon flying into the window. Expect things to be better tomorrow. Joy turns you into a different kind or joy, tearing you to pieces, for the enjoyment of the others. Just close your eyes.

Variant #3

All is vanity and fleeting. There is no loneliness in Heaven.


Dance with a rake - dance on a rake - rob what's been robbed. Cross out the necessary and color it with pencils.

Variant #5

Only love and compassion make us truly human.

Oleksandr Steklorez

* Paraphrenia syndrome - mania of grandeur, which is often associated with feelings of religious significance.


Born in Crimea, in 1967. Lives and works in Simferopol.

Graduated from college in 1985, photo department.

His first photo exhibition «Far, Far, Far» (Simferopol, 1988) was closed by the order of the Crimea Regional Committee of the Communist Party as «Anti-Soviet».

2006 - 2008 - photo editor of the "Expert Ukraine" magazine, Kyiv.

2003 - 2006 - he headed the photographic department in the "Profil" magazine, Kyiv.

Organizer and participant of more than ninety photo and video projects in Ukraine and abroad (Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Slovakia), one of the leading photographers in the "Nash" magazine, the author of the photographs for more than one hundred books.

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