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Khir - zvir z gir

Andriy Khir

09.11.2011 – 05.12.2011

Andriy Khir

"Khir - zvir z gir" is a part of a cycle of illustrations to poems where rhythm and kinship of words create a labyrinth of perception that visual imagery helps unweave

Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center

From the very ancient times people believed that all the sounds and words influence the mind and the substance, state of the body, energy and conscience. A word is a formula, a symbol. Having deciphered it one can reproduce the vibrations of the Endless that reside beyond time and space. If you systematize and organize words in a certain pattern, you can formulate a spell or "words of power".

In the ancient times words had a sacral meaning and their pronouncing by spiritually strong people was equal to their materialization. People used incantations and sayings in witchcraft and sorcery in order to address the supernatural forces and to communicate with the transcendent. They believed in the existence of other dimensions and their inhabitants not because they couldn't explain phenomena of nature, but because it was a completely different means of perception. Mythological outlook is not a result of ignorance or primitivity, but a certain system that embodies a sophisticated and comprehensive view on the world order.

Almost all of the folklore is based on demonology. Absence of a clear differentiation of the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly creates an intrigue, makes one think: maybe there is no divide? That is why in the ancient times people treated both "good" and "evil" forces with equal respect and fear.

Believing in spirits that inhabit rocks, woods, chutes, homes and compulsory compliance with the rituals that derive from the far past are an echo of an ancient religion. It is also interesting that primitive folklore characters and plots of different peoples in distant parts of the world possess many similar features and attributes.

Wordplay is a kind of etymological research that creates this exhibition's mythological plots and not vise versa. "Khir - zvir z gir" is a part of a cycle of illustrations to poems where rhythm and kinship of words create a labyrinth of perception that visual imagery helps unweave. They present symbols that help reconstruct long forgotten concepts. Characters relate to classic mythological outlook, embody layers of various ethnic and cultural motives and were formed based on the author's observations about the world. Particularly, assurance in the existence of supernatural substances, energies, unity of everything with everything, faith in endlessness, eternity and cyclical nature of things.


Andriy Khir was born in Uzhgorod in 1988. He lives and works in Lviv.

Graduated from the Architecture Department of Lviv Polytechnic National University in 2010.

He does art, architecture and design.

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