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The Name of My Fear

Dmytro Moldovanov

23.09.2015 – 26.10.2015

Dmytro Moldovanov

"The name of my fear" − a new personal project of Dmytro Moldovanov in Ya Gallery Art Center in Kyiv. Work on the new series of paintings was started in autumn 2014, when times made the man to recall Goya and Picasso artistic interpretation of War. At that time, Dmytro Moldovanov focused on his personal fears using his own native language of naive art

Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center
In his large scale canvas "Guernica", the artist continues Picasso's manifesto, for whom the war is when the life is going on behind the usual feelings and relationships. It is even not a violence Goya was focused on in the 18th century, but it is a horror of the third millennium beginning of another "Guernica".

Therefore, canvas by canvas, Moldovanov tells us about the fears, neutralizing them through the images of duels between animal and human origins. Painting helps the artist to work with his personal injuries − he tries to get rid of them before the viewer's eyes. In other words, the art starts working therapeutically. "I paint my fears and they lose their power over me. In the paintings I even laugh at them", − Dmytro Moldovanov says. At the same time, the viewer assumes witness role who watches the author's each successive painting − a kind of specific path of healing.

So could the viewer see the duality of human nature and openly state that the claws, numerous body's wounds and predators illustrate nothing but the destructive energy in fighting against humans by their own hands?

Katerina Nosko

What is the beast? What is the man? Let it be some first principles now. The beast is fear. A wise man once said: "Give a name for your fear and it will lose power over you". So I give it a name. I name it. This name is mentioned in these paintings. Man fights. He dies from claws, teeth, his own fear or triumphs over it.

Dmytro Moldovanov


Dmytro Moldovanov was born in Mykolaiv in 1967.

In 1988 studied in Odessa Art School named after M.Grekov.

Since 1991, he has participated in exhibitions held in Ukraine and abroad.

At a certain stage of his career, the artist refused of getting a professional education and in public editions openly called himself as a «half self-educated».

As the representative of the New Naive research style, set up by Ya Gallery Art Center, Dmytro Moldovanov represented his personal project in Ya Gallery in Kyiv in 2011, and became a participant of collective project in Ya Gallery in

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