Lviv. Ya Gallery

Lemberg Style

Volodymyr Kostyrko

06.12.2022 – 26.03.2023

Volodymyr Kostyrko

The exhibition project is an embodiment of the installation concept and a reflection of Lviv's hybridity, says the project's author, Volodymyr Kostyrko.

"Lemberg Style" - it is a total installation on the theme of Lviv and its place in the history of modern Europe, where the picture recedes into the background, the space is filled with stories, objects and begins to be an active interlocutor. Four halls are filled with a mixture of modern art, history and objects of the past that reveal the theme of Lviv style.

Exhibition Lviv Ya Gallery
Schedule: 10:00-19:00, Monday closed

Starting with the first "Vyvyh" festival, "Interdruk" and "Defloration" exhibitions in 1990, Lviv began to reflect on its history in a modern way. It was the search for a new language, not shackled by the past, but, on the contrary, unchained, that became one of the tasks for an active citizen who always wanted and could create, if not on canvas or in stone and performance, then in business, crime or power. Lviv is programmed for creativity. He always takes his chances and surprises.

The old accommodation in the Art Nouveau building of 1906, which today has been transformed into the art space "Ya Gallery", this time is approaching its original purpose. Volodymyr Kostyrko creates separate installations in four halls. A mixture of modern art, history and objects of the past reveal the theme of Lviv style.

"Lviv frieze" is a spatial chaos, a layering of artifacts, where, as a rule, there are no random things.

"Salon of Memory" is a meeting-story with four persons important for our local and at the same time world history.

"Artist's Studio" is an attempt to recreate an absolutely Lviv workshop.
"Franz Joseph Dining Room" - objects and people invited to a meal, where the initials of those who created this city are on the plates.
Curator: Pavlo Gudimov
Media partners: 24 channel, Radio Lux,
Information support: Holding emotions !FEST,
Financing is carried out from the Stabilization Fund for Culture and Education 2022 by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and the Goethe-Institut.


Volodymyr Kostyrko

Born in 1967 in Lviv. In 1987, he graduated from the Lviv School of Applied and Decorative Arts, and in 1999 from the Lublin Catholic University, Faculty of Art History.

One of the organizers of the "Vyvyh" festival in 1990-91. Since 1994, author and participant of group and personal projects in Ukraine and abroad.

Works in the style of "new old masters".

Аrt historian and artist, a living classic

The author of the concept of interpretation of the heritage of Lviv, in particular artistic solutions of author's design and interiors, introduced the fashion for sentiment and careful (honest) restoration. Specializes in interior design, in particular of cafes and restaurants in Lviv. Among them: "Under the Blue Bottles", "Cafe 1", "Kabinet", "Kumpel", "Robert Doms Hop House", "CC Local", "Mons Pius", "Centaur", "Atlas".

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