Dnipropetrovsk. Ya Gallery Art Center

Museum Syndrome

Dmytro Moldovanov

18.12.2013 – 23.01.2014

Dmytro Moldovanov

Having diagnosed "museum syndrome" the artist turned to a dangerous experiment - restoring classical plots in the language of naive art.

Exhibition Dnipropetrovsk Ya Gallery Art Center

Dmytro Moldovanov's first personal project in Dnipropetrovsk successfully raises the theme of perception of classical art. Or rather, non-perception. Having diagnosed "museum syndrome" the artist turned to a dangerous experiment - restoring classical plots in the language of naive art.

However, unlike his predecessors who copied classical masterpieces through admiration or a desire to earn extra money, Moldovanov pursues a kind of a theoretical goal. On one hand, this move allows him to throw away museum "ghosts" from his head, on the other hand, to unveil the problem contemporary and classical art coexistence. The problem that even titled artists unseasonably fear. Because rewriting a classical work means not only to interfere in the relationship between the masterpiece and its admirers, but to be ready to harsh criticism. However, there are serious counterarguments on Moldovanov's side - humor and a "naive" artist's position.

Applying the "naive" method, he creates his own gallery of classical works where plots and characters close to Moldovanov's art possess a clear advantage. These are allegoric images of captivity, revolution, natural and social disaster that left an imprint on the collective memory. There are also wholly idyllic portraits of real characters that attract the artist with their harmony or contradiction. And though the result of the "naive" rethinking of the familiar plots causes at least a smile, it is a serious step that sums up his relationship with professional art and, in the end, with his own past.

Olena Iegorushkina

Dark, coated in lacquer yellowness, museum paintings cause wistful gloom, nausea and headache with their recognizability. This is museum syndrome. And back in the day they struck with the novelty of their composition and scenic course. The artist discovered new beauty. Now one can encounter works by naive artists - oil paining, gouache, embroidery - that attempt to copy old and very familiar artwork. For example, Vasily Perov's "Hunters at Rest" and Vasnetsov's "Alenushka". And often they get beautiful and fresh colors and forms.

Dmytro Moldovanov


Dmytro Moldovanov was born in Mykolaiv in 1967.

In 1988 studied in Odessa Art School named after M.Grekov.

Since 1991, he has participated in exhibitions held in Ukraine and abroad.

At a certain stage of his career, the artist refused of getting a professional education and in public editions openly called himself as a «half self-educated».

As the representative of the New Naive research style, set up by Ya Gallery Art Center, Dmytro Moldovanov represented his personal project in Ya Gallery in Kyiv in 2011, and became a participant of collective project in Ya Gallery in