What Sloviansk and Uzhhorod Know About the Verge

Artistic Report Based on Artist Residences in Sloviansk and Uzhhorod

Exhibition Kyiv Pavlo Gudimov Ya Gallery Art Center

Curators: Zhenia Kuleba, Alevtina Kakhidze

Organizer: Garden City NGO

In summer 2017, with the financial support of the International Renaissance Foundation, Garden City NGO implemented the art project MEZHA (literally the line), having arranged two short-term residencies in Sloviansk and Uzhhorod. The cities were not chosen randomly: these are one of the most remote population centres of Ukraine located at its “physical" verges-borders. Twelve artists selected via open call used their practices to approach the formation of the notion line which necessitates a continuous reinterpretation, in particular since the visa waiver and the beginning of hostilities in eastern Ukraine.

The artists' travel, living and per diem expenses were covered, and they were also paid for and supported in creating the project. The authors having their own certain vision of the chosen cities and the notion line tried to abstract away from everything and plunge into the everyday life of the cities. The project resulted in a series of works of art that were shown in the central libraries of Sloviansk and Uzhhorod later that summer.

The project team views the MEZHA's theme an important one for consideration or, perhaps, reinterpretation in any corner of Ukraine, so it presents the artistic material created together with the artists in two geographically opposite cities as a continuation of the performance-like dialogue on this matter in Kyiv – in Pavlo Gudimov Ya Gallery Art Centre.

Day 1, Thursday (May 10): What is the “line"? (excursion)
Day 2, Friday (May 11): Cities' stereotypes. What East and West have in common – vegetable gardens and thrift stores (conversation)

Day 3, Saturday (May 12): Mysticism in projects (chat with the curators and employees of Garden City NGO)

Day 4, a day off (May 13): Reflection at home (see the link)

Day 5, Monday (May 14): Flower bedding – project The Battle of Gardeners

Day 6, Tuesday (May 15): Are there any open questions concerning the notion line? (strategic session)
Day 7, Wednesday (May 16): Our heroes – meeting with the painters

Day 8, Thursday (May 17): Finissage On the Line.

The artists participating in the project: Alevtina Kakhidze, Zhenia Kuleba, Marho Didichenko, Bohdan Moroz, Oksana Chepelyk, Krolikowski Art duo, Albina Yaloza, Anna Kakhiani, Danylo Kovach, Dasha Podoltseva, TxT Group (Valeria Tarasenko, Stanislav Tolkachov and Oleksandr Khalepa), Oleksandr McQuartz.