Kyiv . Ya Gallery Art Center

Reality. Black. White. Green.

Tiberiy Silvashi

28.10.2010 – 23.11.2010

Tiberiy Silvashi

The artist turns to the issues reality's elusiveness. Agreeing with Merleau-Ponty, he considers body a point where the world meets conscience and thus the most apparent focus of reality.

Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center

For the first time all the space of Ya Gallery Art Centre - halls on Voloska and Horyva Streets and the Terrace - is given to one author. It is not a coincidence that this author is Tiberiy Silvashi. From the very opening of Ya Gallery not only he holds exhibitions here, but also consistently investigates the art centre space.

Tiberiy Silvashi's new projects are a kind of a conclusion driven from four years of work in Ya Gallery Art Centre. In his project on Voloska St. The artist turns to the issues reality's elusiveness. Agreeing with Merleau-Ponty, he considers body a point where the world meets conscience and thus the most apparent focus of reality. "It is not only eyes, not only mind, but also body with all its capacities and memory that is a means of the special experience provided by painting", Silvashi writes in his essay about the project and artistically mirrors this statement in an ascetic in form, but open for interpretation installation Reality. Black. White. Green. At the same time a series of new Silvashi's works on paper entitled picturesquely Water and Oilwill be presented in the art centre on Horyva St.Horizon on the Terrace that survived several "intrusions" in its body by Group of Objects, Anna Voitenko and Ruslan Tremba will be turned back to its original state.

Both expositions' openings featuring the author will take place in Ya Gallery Art Centre at 55/67 Voloska St. and 49B Horyva St. Thursday, October 28. Saturday, October 30, the artist will hold a meeting in a more chamber atmosphere at 49B Horyva. There he will be telling about his work experience with space on examples of realized projects and will also present his "non-visual" version of reality, reading his essay On the Outskirts of Minus written especially for project "Reality". Moreover, together with Andriy Alferov, head of A Kino film club, the artist prepared a film program Finals. It consists of a series of final scenes from films that on one hand dissect the concept of reality and on the other hand were crucial for Tiberiy Silvashi's development. By the way the latter was to become a film director or maybe even did in a different, parallel reality.

Silvashi's dialogue with Ya Gallery space started in 2007 with his project Colored Objects. Then Tiberiy stepped away from flat understanding of painting and presented it in volume. As artist states himself, this project was "a defeat of the problem of the wall - a painting a drawing. Colored objects is painting that walks out of the wall. It is about the quality of painting as a spiritual substance that can permeate the materiality of the world".

In 2008 Silvashi divided the work on the next project into 2 parts: work with time and work with space and into two projects - Wings and Wings-2. But these components were united by a mutual strategy of development. Project developed and gradually opened for several months - from projecting in the author's studio and installation in the halls of Ya Gallery to turning the giant wings into objects of sale and purchase. This way a transition from sacred to material and from elusive to available gradually happened.

In 2009 Tiberiy premeditated Horizon, also in two parts. Horizon. Intoduction was realized in the art centre at Voloska St. as the first, exclusively painting part of the project. Works created on paper and on canvas, with oil and watercolors especially for the project a long time ago, broadened Horizon's explications - horizon of perspective, horizon of time and horizon of color. The second part of the project, voluminous and objective, was created in the art centre on Horyva St., and moved to the terrace outside the gallery walls which dramatically changed the original idea of the project. Two "risen" squares of the terrace created additional conceptual pairs. On one hand, opposition "east-west" emerged, but except that, appearing outside the inner space of art-centre, "horizon" was placed between the walls of an old building and the trees - a potential green zone. This moment of pause, of the "holding of breath" created the suitable artistic tension.


Born 1947 in Mukachevo, Zakarpattya region. Lives and works in Kyiv.

1966 - graduated from Taras Shevchenko State Art School.

1972 - graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

In 1995 Szilvashi was awarded with the "Artist of the Year" title in Ukraine and received a scholarship from Munich Municipality. Artist's curator projects were presented at International Art Festival in Kyiv in 1996 and 1998.

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