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Anton Logov

13.03.2013 – 03.04.2013

Anton Logov

In new Anton Logov's project - rethinking of the phenomenon of Symbol, from brand logos to sacral symbolism.

Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center

In new Anton Logov's project - rethinking of the phenomenon of Symbol, from brand logos to sacral symbolism. In the first part of the project the artist is reflects on brands, masterfully inscribing elements of mass consumerist culture into art, working with the artistic component of the brand. Removed from the "product" and advertisement, and placed into an absolutely nonconventional context, the brand is "cleared", the "un-branding" of a symbol occurs. Another part of the project explores the Christianity's main sacral symbol - the cross that puts an end to an infinite number of symbols of the modern era.

Brand the Temper

We know what pushes ladies into intimate relations. Brand. What turns cool dudes into slaves? Brand. What drives millions of consumers? Brand. People feel like people only when shining with a famous brand. "Only gays wear Adidas pants" - nonconformists of the 1970s concluded. The 1990s confirmed this conclusion. Unavailability of some brands puts masses of ordinary people in permanent frustration. About 970 million registered crimes were committed in order to possess a cherished brand. Brand is a mark of death on the body of humanity. Virus that strikes with the happiness of status.

Anton Logov threatened the sacred, the brand. He pulled the marks of prestige out of their habitual environment of influencing the human consciousness and made them part of a space where they, sort of, start expressing something more meaningful. The artist immerses them in the misty spaces of his abstractions. Floods them with enamel and drowns in resin. Marks on the famous products of mass consumption immediately enrich their meaning for the uninitiated, maintaining the pleasant decorative essence of a stamp.

Logov listens to the sound of an inflated and burst brand that flopped into Lethe. Lethe is a substance, flowing down the artist's canvases. Magic marks splashing in it. Logov peeks in the Armageddon future, a far one, we hope. Now his paintings are attempting to sacralize the meanings of magic marks, and these marks, respectively, attempt to change the contents of the paintings. Feels like death of old concepts and birth of fresh herd instincts. The brand extends of the scope of the canvases and allows the status spectator to experience previously unexperienced emotions of anticipating hierarchical advancement.

A prestigious sign - a cool object - possession - buzz - rivals' envy - death - new owner... Person without a brand is a walking emptiness. Whether an oligarch or a president, a deputy or a sportsman, a criminal or a businessman. If you hand Anton's canvases in a certain order, you can clearly follow a day of any of the listed entities. Their every step is branded. A brand worshipper sleeps on brand sheets, wears brand slippers, fucks in a brand condom, eats with brand utensils, is dressed in brand suits, and is eliminated with a brand rifle by someone also very branded.

From all the abstract, immense colored nebulae, created by Logov around brand marks, simple truths surface, ferocious in their banality - "Brand is everything. Nothing without a brand". Cover a brand mark on any Logov's canvas with a hand. And the canvas, freed from specificity, will start to absorb you with the immensity and eternity of the arrogant space, it will crush you with its inexplicability and absoluteness. Lower your hand - and this space is immediately limited by the brand and obeys to it. Specificity defeats eternity, creating yet another pseudo-religion.

Logov plays with new sacrality. Brand is a signature of still very fresh gods. They are prayed to, worshipped, served, loved and obeyed. There are sects of fans of certain brands. And Logov provides them with icons, where the mystical essence and power of the brand is stressed. Standing of the knees in front of such icon, the brand worshipper, in his violent faith, does not rest with his consciousness against the dull world of objects, but spreads in the universal scope of desires. Icons create a powerful artistic impulse in the development of the desired brand objects' images. They might not even exist in the material world, but paintings, created by Logov materialize the unbridled consumers' imaginations. Their illusions are quite tangible and tactile.

Some of the brand worshippers experience erotic feelings at the sight of brand marks. Anton subtly introduces "orgasmic explosion" in the image. The paintings help develop orgasmic perception and contribute to the development of sexual communication on the basis of attraction to a certain brand. The abstract part of the canvases is rich with this energy of release and merging with the favorite mark.

Anton Logov completed a difficult path of understanding Brand as a religious, sexual and social origin, while working on this series of paintings. He created his own brand that contains secrets of absolute power and absolute freedom.

Oleksandr Lyapin


Born 1984 in Rozdilna city, Odessa region. Lives and works in Kyiv.

2004 - graduated from the Odessa State Art School named after M. B. Grekov.

2008 - schola

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