Kyiv . Ya Gallery Art Center

Rococo's not Dead

Volodymyr Kostyrko

01.09.2010 – 27.09.2010

Volodymyr Kostyrko

Volodymyr Kostyrko uses the space of Ya Gallery Art Centre to recreate his own myth of Halychyna's "golden age".

Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center

"There is a babyboom in the country", states Pavlo Gudimov and gathers artwork where artists investigate children - their own, children of others, themselves in childhood and childhood in themselves.

It is absolutely obvious that a child born in one's family changes the rhythm of life for any person - be it a musician, a builder, a manager or a politician - but artist's sensitive nerve can react to such a change in the most unexpected way. In this context, Artem Volokitin's cunning "Contents" and "Touch" are worth remembering. As well as works of Yevgen Ravskiy, who started a new stage in his art and created a series of works entitled Warner Sisters Presents inspired by his daughter. Ravskiy's exposition held in August, 2009, in Ya Gallery Art Centre had an almost crazy success. "I didn't expect such a reaction from the audience: at 10 in the morning, before the gallery opens, mothers and grandmothers with children gathered near the entrance to enter the exhibition as soon as possible. I was really surprised with society's healthy interest in contemporary art", remembers Pavlo Gudimov.

Parents-artists turn to their children, creating works for this exhibition. Volokitin paints his triplets as half-children/half-angels, who float in the familiar interior. Ravkovskiy's model is again his beautiful daughter, but this time the artist approaches the composition rather unconventionally - in essence, it is Michelangelo's "Pieta" paraphrase. A more cruel view on the image of a child is offered by Ruslan Tremba, who has just become a father this year - his object "Refrigerator" reminds of a baby, but is actually a camera for keeping organs.

Yet curator doesn't limit the exhibition to the perspectives of parent artists only, considering such position biased and unfair. Without claiming omnitude Gudimov never the less presents another perspective on childhood - devoid of parent romanticizing, ironic and smart, like on canvases of Rostyslav Koterlin and Andriy Sagaykovskiy or in Svitlana Struk's drawings.

In any case, curator suggests perceiving this project with childlike levity and spontaneity, or maybe even use it as an opportunity: "Sooner or later almost every one of us becomes a mom or a dad. This exposition is for those who doesn't discard this idea, an exposition and a clue, a call to action, an instruction manual, etc. Babyboom continues".


Volodymyr Kostyrko

Born in 1967 in Lviv. In 1987, he graduated from the Lviv School of Applied and Decorative Arts, and in 1999 from the Lublin Catholic University, Faculty of Art History.

One of the organizers of the "Vyvyh" festival in 1990-91. Since 1994, author and participant of group and personal projects in Ukraine and abroad.

Works in the style of "new old masters".

Аrt historian and artist, a living classic

The author of the concept of interpretation of the heritage of Lviv, in particular artistic solutions of author's design and interiors, introduced the fashion for sentiment and careful (honest) restoration. Specializes in interior design, in particular of cafes and restaurants in Lviv. Among them: "Under the Blue Bottles", "Cafe 1", "Kabinet", "Kumpel", "Robert Doms Hop House", "CC Local", "Mons Pius", "Centaur", "Atlas".

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