Kyiv . Ya Gallery Art Center

Broken Necklace

Yuriy Pikul

14.04.2010 – 11.05.2010

Yuriy Pikul

Mykyta presents his latest and definitely most mature and measured project in Ya Gallery art centre. "Circus" is a reflection on modern reality and himself.

Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center

Yuri Pikul continues to consistently pick himself and his own fears and memories apart into visual imagery. The project that he had been working on during the last year has traditionally assumed a name of one of Egor Letov songs - "A Broken Necklace". The project is both a memory and a fixation. Pikul started it aiming to dig up some moments in his own memory - some acknowledged "key" events that formed his personality and just some clumsy moments that resurfaced from the unconscious in a strange and unexpected way. But, as in real life where a person cannot tell the past from the future and a memory from a dream, in Pikul's works everything exists on the canvas in layers creating a surrealistic composition of meanings. In this sense his works are perceived as De Chirico's metaphysical painting, but on a different level - not images, but meanings. And as a real artist Pikul is in constant interaction with his works: on one hand, painting as a sublimation of his feelings influence Pikul-person self-realization, on the other hand, life events themselves, even as quotidian as moving to a new studio, reflect in his works on the inside and on the outside. Thus, creating his project Pikul was moving from his favorite photorealism to more light and unfettered painting.

"A Broken Necklace"is a project that doesn't possess series wholeness. It is a year of life of an artist who is getting rid of Rembrandt's complex. Pikul experiments with different media, such as video, animation or photonegative on glass, but doesn't bring it out into the public. It's needed to say that today his two biggest passions are bicycling and painting."

Pavlo Gudimov


Born 1983, lives and works in Kyiv.

In 2005 he entered the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, but later dropped his study out.