Kyiv. Mystetskij Arsenal

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Andriy Sahaidakovskyy

17.05.2017 – 21.05.2017

Exhibition Kyiv Mystetskij Arsenal
Andriy Sahaidakovskyy is a painter, author of installations and objects.
Born in 1957 in Lviv. His father was an architect, his mother was a teacher of the German language. In 1974–1979, Andriy studied architecture at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute, and at the same time studied painting with Roman Selskyi and Karl Zvirynskyi. He considers them to be his teachers, who not only taught him crafts and techniques (colorism and composition), but also developed a taste and understanding of modernist art. Andriy never became an architect, although he worked at the Lviv Polytechnic in the Bureau of Aesthetics.
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