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Subjective Space

Ihor Yanovych

16.03.2011 – 25.04.2011

Ihor Yanovych

In the new project of Igor Yanovich "Subjective space" line is becoming a key element of abstract landscape.

Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center

In the new project of Igor Yanovich "Subjective space" line is becoming a key element of abstract landscape. "Spontaneous and expressive, devoid of specific meaning, line is like creating a 3D construction of space" - the author explains the idea of a project. Following the vector direction of line is almost impossible, because its motion is described by the silent formula "from nowhere to nowhere". The line itself is another way for Yanovich to tell about space, which is endless in time and eternal matter of existence in its length, "permanent cosmic limitless", which is can not be embraced by the imagination, but can be lived through the consciousness.

Sometimes, line brings "harmonic dissonance" to space and we can watch "pure space" through the faults on the picture. This is what French cubists were trying to accomplish in their experiments at the beginning of XX century. And Kazimir Malevich, whose words could become an epigraph to an exhibition of Ukrainian abstractionist: "Attraction to space and separation from the Earth are in human inside nature, in consciousness of man". Parallel to abstract space "tests", in the second half of XX century, science put forward the "quantum strings" theory, which was full of hope of unification of all attempts to explain the structure of matter, time and space.

Caught in experimental vacuum, theory failed, but super symmetry concept, which lay in its basis, become the admiration of many researchers in other fields of culture - in literature, music, abstract painting. Project of Igor Yanovich turns "strings" to lines, failed theory to quite objective fact of existence of lines on canvas. Artist's "subjective space" treats the "super symmetry" in its own, but keeps its main principle - eternal mutual transformation of material and energy. With the language of abstract painting Yanovich proves an ability of consciousness get into the structure of matter, which have opposite effect and means mutual penetration of man's external and internal worlds.

Olena Yegorushkina


Born 1944 in Kyiv. Lives and works in Lviv.

1971 - graduated from the Lviv State Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts (department of art ceramics).

Member of the Artists' Union of the USSR since 1986.

Since 1988 he works with "Ekspress-Avangard" association at the Soviet Cultural Foundation (established in 1986, Moscow, Russia).

1988-91 - participated in various exhibitions in the USSR and other countries.

Participated in more than 70 foreign and international projects,

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