Myhajlo Vajnshtein. Photoarchive new

Author: Valerij Saharuk
Publishing house: ADEF-Ukraine
ISBN: 978-617-7156-83-2
Year: 2016
Size: 20,5х20,5; 400 p.
Language: Ukrainian
400 UAH
Sold with set of postcards 'Myhajlo Vajnshtein. Selected photos'

Myhajlo Vajnshtein (1940-1981) is an outstanding painter, author of thematic paintings, portraits, landscape paintings, still lifes as well as graphic and sculptural works. He stands among the most important figures in Ukrainian art of 1960-70s. Recently discovered corps of his photos declares a unique and comprehensive artist's gift.

Photos are organized into series based on amount of frames on the footage. Each represents a fragment of reality fixed by artist with energy and skills of a professional reporter. Worth admiration are not only compositional perfection of snapshots but also their thematic range – landscapes, events, groups of people or individual person, portraits. For Vajnshtein these exercises served mainly working, subsidiary function and could not claim the high priority attached to painting. It is only possible to judge from the point of view of today that we are able to observe a brightly new phenomenon, which will occupy an important place in Ukrainian photography.

Myhajlo Vajnshtein's photo archive has a total of 150 negative footages which result into more than 4000 frames. Best of them (scanned and renovated) entered the album, which provides us with complete picture of unique artist's style.

Set of postcards supplements the edition.