Oleksandr Lyapin. Holes.

Publishing house: Artbook
ISBN: 978-966-96916-9-9
Year: 2008
Size: 21х21 см, 132 p.
Language: Ukrainian, English
100 UAH

'Oleksandr Lyapin. Holes' is a next book of Ukranian photography series, which was established by Artbook publishing house.

Photoalbum is short stories of a megapolis which were spied and fixed by Kyiv-based photographer Oleksandr Lyapin. Legendary person and person-dictator. His weird, bizzare, comac, ironic, graphic, shocking, epatage, provocative photos are journey in depths of author's subconsciousness where as in the old attic you can find answers to main existential questions among archive terrabites of information.