Oleksandr Ranchukov. Times Like These

Publishing house: Artbook
ISBN: 978-966-96916-8-2
Year: 2008
Size: 21х21 см, 132 p.
Language: Ukrainian
100 UAH

'Times Like These' is our histore. There are 40 years between the first and the last photo, which were made by one person. This is already enough to define this photoproject Oleksandr Ranchukov as unique one. Additionaly, author has got a specific view full of impartiality, ability to notice typical, sense of humor This as well as positive artistic qualities of his photos make this edition more than historic evidence, more than just book. Of course, everybody will notice something own but in general this is all one omnipresent and very actual for these days question: 'What is going on with all of us?'. As well as attempt to answer it.