Profession: Artist

Author: Polina Limina
Publishing house: Artbook Publishing House
ISBN: 978-966-1545-27-3
Year: 2018
300 UAH
Polina Limina. Profession: artist. The book about Serhiy Yakutovych. - Artbook Publishing House, 2018. - 192 p. illustrated

The book Profession: Artist is a critical life story of Serhiy Yakutovych whose oeuvre reflects the inspiration, changes, search and myths of the whole generation. This edition is not about the result but the process of creative work which at some point becomes the lifestyle and merges with the author's personality. Yakutovych's path is a true artistic act that gives us no less food for thought than the artist's works themselves.

Author: Polina Limina

Editors: Polina Limina, Pavlo Gudimov

Designer: Kateryna Sivachenko

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