Like a Shadow

Author: Polina Limina
Publishing house: Artbook
ISBN: 978-966-1545-28-0
Year: 2017
Material: Munken Pure
Size: 184 p.
Language: Ukrainian, English
250 UAH
Like a Shadow. Heorhiy Yakutovych as an illustrator of the book „Shadows of Forgotten Ancestores” / Editors: Polina Limina, Pavlo Gudimov; Texts: Polina Limina. – Kyiv : Artbook Publishing House, 2017. - 184 p. illustrated

Like a Shadow is an attempt to get to know a phenomenal artist – Heorhiy Yakutovych –
by exploring one of his illustrated books – Mykhaylo Kotsiubynskyi's Shadows of Forgotten
. This publication was seminal not only in the artist's life, but also in the history of
Ukrainian graphics. None of these stories have been told before and this is our attempt to
prevent them from disappearing in the shadows.

Editors: Polina Limina, Pavlo Gudimov