Year 2013

At the beginning of 2013 the project of Anton Logov Rebranding was presented where Symbol investigation was conducted through art reconsideration of trade name logos and sacral symbolics.

In her project The New Ukrainian Albina Yaloza tried to combine folk life culture with modern culture of consumption with the help of geometrical ornament of folk embroidering.

Pavlo Gudimov presented the curatorial project Мemoria, within the frameworks of two-year program of residencies MEMORANDUM that compared the art situation in Ukraine and France through the example of projects of the invited authors Oleh Hryshchenko, Emanuel Kastelan and Kyryl Ukolov.

One more curatorial project of Pavlo Gudimov and «new old masters» of Yevhen Ravskyi and Volodymyr Kostyrko – The Louvre – ironically reconsidered the world art heritage and became one of the most visited exhibitions of Lviv art for the last 20 years.

Oleksandr Korol in his project Nuar projected subconscious fears of the contemporary in the gallery of symbolic characters of the world mythologies – Kronos, Pandora, Holem and others.

Andrii Khir in his own stylistic manner visualized Ukrainian proverbs and sayings, having created the series of vertical rhythmical canvas of the project The Bywords.

In the project The Bedroom of Artist, the «naive» author Dmytro Moldovanov became similar to Van Gogh by giving the objects and fantasies of his room space to the canvas. In other personal project Museum syndrome, the artist created his own gallery of «copies» of classical picturesque themes with the view to get rid of ghosts of museum classics in his consciousness.

Giving credit for avant-garde and constructionism of the first half of the XX century, Anton Logov in his project Tatlin showed the installation from stretchers where yellow color became the symbol of life assertion, and black one underlined the emptiness. The complemented version of Tatlin V2 was presented within the frameworks of curatorial project of Andrii Sydorenko Industrial Eden.

The common project of Albina Yaloza and Andrii Dudchenko Summer-Autumn stated desolate landscapes and filling the natural space with calm after tourist season.

Having shown his wooden sculptures at the stage of conception almost for the first time, Mykola Malyshko presented the gallery of small clay sketches, three of which implemented in symbolical figures in the exposition The Project of Projects.

Volodymyr Kostyrko in the project Ars Longa continued the investigation of paradigm of artist-criminalist with the purpose to demythify his classical romantic image. The part of works firstly introduced in Lviv, in the exposition of a large-scale project, was included to other project of the author Pink Series / Joiner's Shop.

In 2013 Ruslan Tremba (The Gold of Carpathians), Serhii Dehtiariov (Hidden Flora), Mykyta Kravtsov (Bare Breakfast), Viktoriia Sorochynski (Anna and Eva), Oleksandr Kadnikov (The Prism of Calm), Yurii Denysenkov (The Background), Rostyslav Koterlin (Immaterial Properties) and Arkadii Holdman (Holdman) also introduced their projects on the exhibition areas of «Ya Gallery ».

Also there was presented the cooperative project of R.E.P. group The Sun of The Poor and there was arranged the exhibition Death has permission of José Guadalupe Posada. In The Small gallery of Art Arsenal, Mykyta Kravtsov introduced the project Super М. Together with Bottega Gallery, the Art Center showed the project of Tiberii Szilvashi Monochromy.

And in Lviv national gallery of arts there was presented a common project of Andrii Sahaidakovskii and Andrii Boiarov - Emptiness. Whereas in Odesa in the “Yellow Giants” gallery there was presented the project of Anton Logov The Big Retrospective of Young Artist (BRYA), and in the gallery HudPromo – the project of Volodymyr Kostyrko Transculture.

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