Artbook Publishing House specializes in art literature. The printed editions accompany the projects of the Art Center and its authors. To such editions belong the catalogues Genofond (2010), Entrance Exit (2010), Genofond. Pinacotheca (2011), Figures of Ukraine (2015), and also the booklets Serhii Yakutovych. Hohol Was Born (2009), New Old Masters (2011), Andrii Khir (2013) and the number of others.

In 2008 Artbook established the series of books The Ukrainian Photography (UPO), and also issued several digests The Symbol dedicated to graphics and black-and-white photography in Ukraine. Besides the publishing house created the artbooks to the projects of Pavlo Makov: The author's books, maps and miniatures in 2007 (together with Spirit and Letter), and in 2012 there was published the author's book of the painter The Weekly. Today the publishing house works on the creation of monographs of famous Ukrainian authors.

Artbook Publishing House is included into cultural holding Gudimov Art Project.

The production of Artbook Publishing house.

19.02.2020 – 16.03.2020
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
22.01.2020 – 17.02.2020
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
11.01.2020 – 16.02.2020
Exhibition Lviv Ya Gallery
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Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
04.09.2019 – 07.10.2019
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
25.07.2019 – 25.08.2019
Exhibition National Folk Decorative Art Museum 9, Lavrska str., building 2, Kyiv
17.07.2019 – 02.09.2019
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Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
22.05.2019 – 26.05.2019
Exhibition Kyiv Mystetskyi Arsenal
20.06.2019 – 22.09.2019
Exhibition Lviv Lviv National Art Gallery named Boris Voznitsky
15.05.2019 – 10.06.2019
Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery