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Accessories // Term of Use


08.06.2011 – 04.07.2011


Weird, life as a a subject. Life as an accessory. Someone life...

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1. Terms of use

Everything dies. This is the feature of life - to die. No, its wrong, this is the feature of everything - to die, such a circle of existence. This is the fact of common knowledge. People, animals, things, concepts, views - everything has its term of use. Those sacral in human society also have it. But the talk is not about this...

Gods. They were talked about and are now, just like they are immortal, all those Zeus, Perun, Ra, Anubis, Anita, Kokopelli and the like were immortal in the mind of their coevals, but time was passing by and the man was studying and understanding, and gods slowly began to die. The need in those immortal, immutable, monumental, which helped the man in understanding surrounding world has gone. Every religion, every demiurge somehow was a help for human being in a particular period of the civilization existence, but knowledge were defeating god and they always will. Thus even those modern religions are prevalent in society like Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism or Islam also has its life cycle and more knowledge humanity cares in its baggage, then less chances god have to survive.

Sadan, 2011

2. Accessories

Accessory (fr. accessoire from lat. accessorius - «additional») - subject, concomitant to something, attachment to anything. (From Wikipedia - free encyclopedia).

Every of us use accessories everywhere, giving the appearance of necessity. Pets. Alive. Like humans. But PET is something like an accessory for human, something additional like a bonus which helps to escape from everyday problems. Such a therapy...or entertainment...

This is appears to be that PET belongs to Master. Creating the illusion of human divinity, because the majority of PETs are small combining, weak animals as they were created by human.

It hides some kind of perversion - human is not a demiurge, not a god.

He is not following some noble principles, creating new weak, useless and inert creature. It comes from his ego.

PET - bred by artificial means to bring joy, a descendant of slaves. It's a living unit, without desire for freedom.

Weird, life as a a subject. Life as an accessory. Someone life...

Sadan, 2011

Born 1985 in Khmelnitsky region. Lives and works in Lviv.

2010 - graduated from the Lviv National Academy of Arts (specialty "the restoration of art works").

He started his artistic search as an illustrator and graphic artist (socially-critical themes), but today Sadan is completely focused on plastic arts which follows classical-baroque sculpture in his performance. An idea that comes through all of the artist's works and connects them into one narrative is the idea of spiritual evolution expressed in the form of physical development.


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