Ihor Yanovych, Maria Bykova

04.07.2012 – 30.07.2012

Project Context is a result of cooperation between painter Igor Yanovych and photographer Maria Bykova where interaction of environment, artist and spectator takes place, a dialogue of inner meaning and outer social urban environment occurs.

Photographer  Maria Bykova

Curated by Pavlo Gudimov

Music  Yuriy Yaremchuk

Context is an overly used word in theoretic texts and articles. In this work it acquires a new meaning. Artist's painting is going outside the boundaries of museum and gallery space and intrudes the uncharacteristic urban and post-urban environment as an object - travels Lviv-Kyiv-Prypiat and ends up in the photographer's lens with all the surrounding entourage, leads a dialogue with graffiti at Kyiv riverside walk, appears at Lychakiv cemetery, among old chapels and churches, interacts with abandoned interiors of Prypiat, accenting destruction and its almost artistic decorativeness...

Project Context is a result of cooperation between painter Igor Yanovych and photographer Maria Bykova where interaction of environment, artist and spectator takes place, a dialogue of inner meaning and outer social urban environment occurs. It is not the first attempt of the artist to give the spectator an opportunity to participate in such interaction. There have been projects with a similar goal among the author's works - to explore the dialogue of painting and sacral (project Dialogue, 2009) or music background.


It will be a story of a moth that flew into an open window and accidentally hit your leg while you were pacing the room (back and forth, back and forth), thinking of contexts, looking for senses and suddenly stopped.

In the endless darkness of the cold space, among billions of comets, asteroids and planets, there a flies in circles a blue ball. It continues its cyclic movement calmly and slowly, not knowing fatigue or failure, circle after circle it multiplies the eternity that can only be reflected on, the eternity devoid of the shackles of the end and the beginning. This blue ball is an indispensable part of the Universe that by avoiding the plane of meanings from all the perspectives embodies the great harmony, having realized which, some young poets simply don't endure and die not managing to survive till 30. The main difference between the blue planet from the others is that its surface generously lubricated with independent from the great order life with its main component - Homo Sapiens. He continually worked and learned, destroyed and created, didn't comprehend and searched for answers. As a result the human built his own universe for himself, made it structured and logical, customized it, conquered it. In the end, power is what he strived for, that she continually pursued throughout the entire history: to encompass, to gather together, to comprehend, to name everything and explain it. The world, created by human, the a world in need of contexts, where every object has an obligatory purpose and explanation. But however long this total empirical of process of awareness and identification took, however great a meaning it had, clarity is not, in reality, increased, and all this after all turns out to be a great deeply rooted self-deception. Everything that we hold on to and are trying to keep in our predatory hands, slips away like a fish or pours through our fingers like sand. Castles we have built are ruined and fall apart, but we don't notice this, we walk by. Children, we gave birth to, grow like potatoes in dark basements and embed in the black dictionaries of their lungs words and expressions, heard in the pornographic world of markets and railway stations, but we don't notice this either. Yesterday's "charmed rivers" today rot with dead snakes, having demonstratively thrown from their cut bellies rusty cans, old tires and torn doll heads... We don't notice this either, we walk by and keep walking, for it is in front of us, just around the corner, it seems, resides the praised by the Soviet rock-and-rock "bird ultramarine". And what does this touch of a moth in an airless room late at night mean? A touch that pauses our endless horrible stream of consciousness? What is its context? What does it mean? Clearly, it has no context, for context - is the very moment of the two worlds' collision - the world of a tiny insect and Homo Sapiens, a collision, that cancels all the names and concepts, experience and knowledge. Context as a material abstraction. Context as an attempt of contact, as an attempt to love.

Mutual project of a Lviv artist Igor Yanovych and Kyiv photographer Maria Bykova tells a story of such attempt of a spontaneous contact between results of the inner, spiritual artist's work and things that influenced him from the outside, an attempt to give a new life to our ruined castles and disappointed rivers, an attempt to notice the surrounding world - and to offer own soul to it. It is rather not a change of contexts, but a step beyond context, its replacement for something else - boundless. Igor Yanovych released his moths that invaded and touched... It went on for just a moment... It's a good thing there was a photographer around.

Vasyl Skakun

The project will be presented in the Parallel program of The First Kyiv International Biennale of Contemporary Art ARSENALE 2012.

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