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Natalia Laluq

02.09.2015 – 21.09.2015

Natalia Laluq

The second Natalia Laluq's project in the Pavlo Gudimov's Art Center is quite symbolic. She was one of the important personalities that inspired Pavlo Gudimov to create Ya Gallery art center almost 10 years ago. Today Natalia returns to Kyiv to tell how things have changed in her absence.

Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center

I am back in Kyiv. I am working in my home town for the first time in twelve years. It is hot here. My Mom lifts a kettle from a stove to make me coffee. She wants to show me the dress she tailored and sewed. My Mother likes flowers.

First impressions are very bright.

I climb the “Tatarka" hill which overlooks the Podol, and “Tatarka's" life draws into my eyes with it's green fences. Street dogs go about their business. I read the wonder in their eyes when our glances meet. I think they know I am not a local here any more. I see things I have seen many times. Now they drive into my sight presented on a rotating stage, and lit by stage lights. Every Electric Post now has the power of a monument. – Do you remember? It was exactly the same Post near your school. You were always stumbling on corrupted asphalt next to it. And there, there at your “Kindergarten" studio, apricots were similarly falling on a parked “Lada" car. Do you remember this? – Dog's eye questions me.

There are some new impressions too. Impressive new cars parked by the old dovecotes. Pathetic hi-rises on the other side of the street in the deep ravine compete with the Radio-Tower for the view on the paradise hill. The Radio-Tower also watches the progress in my work. It does not care. It is just curious.

Natalia Laluq


Natalia Laluq was born in 1968 in Kiev. Lives and works in Toronto (Canada).

Studied at the Olga Krylova Studio (1983 – 1986). Graduated from the Faculty of Book Design and Illustration, from Kyiv Polytechnic University (1993).

The artist works primarily in painting and ceramics.

Presented numerous solo and group projects in Ukraine, Canada, Germany, USA and other countries.

2001 Laluq received the First Prize of Type Art International Competition in Moscow.

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