Kyiv. Ya Gallery Art Centre

Unstable objects

Oleksandr Lyapin

18.04.2018 – 07.05.2018

Oleksandr Lyapin

'Unstableobjects' are very important – they are the essence of time, the flesh of the situation, the amplitude of the mood, the saving pendulums.

Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Centre

'Unstableobjects' are very important – they are the essence of time, the flesh of the situation, the amplitude of the mood, the saving pendulums. To understand Unstableobjects, you need to understand yourself at first. What is an Unstableobject – a kind of drug or some rocket science? No! It is the mirror reflecting the existence and the medicine to treat an unstable position of a viewer of an Unstableobject.

When someone is loafing about, we stiffen and our whole uncertain position transforms into an Unstableobject which in its turn transforms into the subject matter that begets instability.

We have announced the new product: the Unstableobject that is always with you. How do you take a seed out of an apple without touching the fruit? How do you clap with one palm? If you are an Unstableobject, who is going to understand it? These questions are absurd? They are nonsense? There are no answers.

You may try the same luck finding out what is better – the Unstableobject or reliable and convenient boots. The Unstableobject is better because it is your alter ego. And if you find yourself in an unstable situation, it will take the heat for you, it will take the pain and hold its ground on account of it being unstable.

You can infinitely watch the Unstableobject swing, listen to it squeak and break apart and so on. And it is useful as you understand that all this is happening to the Unstableobject, not you. The Unstableobject is valued and honoured only when it is lost, that is why – you at once become the Unstableobject.

The Unstableobject is a little piece of a huge collage called Life on Earth. But it is an important piece because there would be no Stable Objects without it as there is no alternative.

If a half of your life is an Unstableobject, how do you know which one it is? And here is where it may turn out that there is another personality that controls the Unstableobject while we are out. Try to come into contact with it. It may be complicated because you cannot be actually out. If another personality shows itself, it is probably you, and together you are the Unstableobject.

You become the God of Grass, Wanderer in Somebody Else's Dreams, Milch Mosquito Rider, Owner of the Prickly… The unstable reality, the unstable unreality – they become your existence and rhythm of life. If you can see the Unstableobject swing, it means you are alive, it means you have your whole life ahead of you, it means you are stable.

The Unstableobject is breaking through to real life and its renascence as a process begins.

Oleksandr Lyapin



I was born near a swamp in a village, 11 years after war finished.
There was a field by my house. Strawbaries. The watcher tried to shoot me.
I was two years old.
That was the time I was inspired by photography.
Father gave me a camera «Smena 2» with charged film, cuz i was unableto do it (charging film into the camera).
And i went to shoot the watcher. Since then I'm photographing.