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New Naive. Vado. Dmytriy Moldovanov

Dmytro Moldovanov, Vado

16.03.2011 – 21.04.2011

"Man of 90s", according to self definition, Vado does not admit any authority in art, with exception of Vincent Van Gogh, which also lives at the end of the last century. Nostalgia for those years identify Vado's art creed: "It was a wonderful time with ability of self realization, chaos and total anarchy!"

Craving to art is natural for the artist with long sport career - as the result of admiring of the outstanding personalities of present time: athletes, actors, politics and musicians. Art is very similar with sport for Vado: "Energy of shock, energy of deep impression - that is what unites them".

Artist created more than a dozen works starting to paint from the last year fall. Within the "New Naïve" cycle, his works would be given to the public judgment for the first time and they could shock the audience of Ya Gallery be the predictions of the author. "However, I'm not against shock" - smiling Vado, - cuz when the man shocked, he starts to think".

Works of Van Gogh became the school of painting and Nietzsche's philosophy within its quintessence in image of Zarathustra prompt him the technique of creating portraits of "strong individuals".

"Will and Charisma are important in art the same as in sport" - author says, indicating that today is hard to find the person for portrait. The main criteria for choosing is the power of the character and freedom of thinking, with help of which the man follow his path, not paying attention on public opinion. Thus, choosing the painting technique, author should not be interfered with academic education: "One should not study something. I'm sure that everyone has all talents, they just should be opened". Herewith, the "object" for portrait is not a real person but photograph or movie stop shot, where their character is especially vivid.

Excessive focus on details such as eyes, a smile or wrinkles on the forehead, reflecting the author's view of Personality with a capital: "Their faces could be exhausted, wrinkled but with imprints of its own light path".

...Remembering Zarathustra, Vado, probably did not know that in his image Nietzsche described and fatal women of XX century Louise Salome, who was beloved by almoxt all "intellectual geniuses" of that time. On his portraits men mostly, who are not only admire mass audience but also serves as a projection of his own artist's "Me", in the time when woman images resist the intentions of portraitist: "My attempts of drawing women portraits failed - cuz I'm the man and it's hard to see the woman in me".

Olena Yegorushkina

Dmitriy Moldovanov is the artist from Mykolaiv. He has an experience of education in Odessa Art School and exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. At one stage of his art work he refused of professional education, openly calling himself "half self-educated" in public media. "Aborigine of industrial zone" is also his another self given name, which reflects the artist's conscious condition in native city. From one side its satiation of industrial culture images, spoiled environment, low social level of life and from another side - loneliness and feeling of lost in the jungles of the city. Artists predisposition to see reality with "an eye of a child" tends to strength its impression and reflects on canvas through the choice of disproportionality of flat image. Clearly painted titles left on canvases underlines the childishness and hinting to the sense of the picture or emphasizing image details. Thanks to the contrast of sleepy routine and romantic Moldovanov creates myphologem of "average city" that is truly close to reality, where long Queues at the supermarkets and banal beer kiosks do not enterfere with the woman and man to meet each other. Nudity on pictures is almost devoid of erotic allusions and that is the romantic of dates with flowers that makes people turn off the ground and "soar" in the air. The influence of medieval icon painters traced in the peculiar manner of images of the human body - round eyes, long necks, bones, which suddenly get out from thick body and rises doubts of the existence of absolute anarchism in his work, which Moldovanov professes. Small human figures on "Hole in the sky", hints on "Hells Landscapes" of Jerome Bosch. Obviously that education in academic school left its imprint on artist's consciousness and facts from the history of arts were not gone without a trace.

"New Watering Place" is the metaphor title from one side, and literal from another, because this is name of the place Dmytriy Moldovanov lives in.

So where "naive" artist should get the material for his work? From routine, which always has some value for him, whatever side it turnes to be.

Olena Yegorushkina

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