Lviv. Ya Gallery


Andriy Sahaidakovskyy, Oleh Kapustiak

30.03.2023 – 05.06.2023

Sujet is an exhibition for immersion in the inner world of both the viewer and the artists, with the help of art. Their goal is to achieve a state of astonishment, or as Federico Nembrini says – astonishment that leads to enlightenment. Otherworldly, imaginary or real? Everyone is looking for a story that is close to them.

Exhibition Lviv Ya Gallery
Schedule: 10:00-19:00, Monday closed

The presented exhibition includes chronologically new works written after February 2022, but ideologically continuing plots.

Sujet are stories that consist of the real and the seen, but turn into the timeless and unreal. This is actually Sahaidakovskyi's greatest skill - he knows how to show something that remains invisible, to generalize the eternal through the everyday. The plots of his paintings are fragments that make up a great story (narrative) of life and art and are connected, but not consecutive.

Oleh Kapustiak's sculptures are strange and massive wooden clouds, anatomy studios and ceramic "plans" or metaphors of imaginary cities. Oleh is known for playing with form and texture, and like Sahaidakovskyi, in art he is most attracted by intrigue and surprise. Can matter become as ephemeral as a cloud? What will happen if, instead of a paper plan of the city, you sculpt a heavy ceramic scheme? Can a fragment speak for the whole, as a plot speaks for the whole story? It is obvious that such visual three-dimensional plots of Kapustiak are in no way connected with visual planar plots of Sahaidakovskyi, but they are completely inscribed in the narrative of great life and history. Before us are not just the works of old friends, it is an invisible dialogue about life and its mystery, about the meaning of art and the power of knowledge.

Says Bohdan Shumylovych

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