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You are at Home of Vladimir Alevtina Suzi Penelopa

Alevtina Kakhidze

18.05.2011 – 05.06.2011

Alevtina Kakhidze

The exhibition "You are at home of Vladimir Alevtina Suzi Penelopa" is a part of our home. At home the ideas of my art projects find their grounding, confirmation and life force...

Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery Art Center

The exhibition "You are at home of Vladimir Alevtina Suzi Penelopa" is a part of our home. At home the ideas of my art projects find their grounding, confirmation and life force...

For instance, in the Most Commercial Project*, I declare that I look at things freely... I adore things... I can stand for hours looking at them and not buying, not envying who is buying. I have the ability to look at them as if I have them, not that I need them. People don't believe me... until they enter my home, which is almost empty...

Anyway we do still have things in our home. I would say that things fight amongst each other for me to buy them. Some of them, just a few, are successful.

Sometimes I do buy expensive things. We do have a lamp by Alvar Aalto and a lamp by Stiletto. But there are lamps from Ikea that cost 25 Swedish kronor just next to them.

I have a dress from Noa-Noa boutique and shorts by Sonia Rykiel. We do have wallpaper by Josef Frank... By the way the shorts by Sonia Rykiel cost me 30 Euro, because they came from a collaboration between the designer and the Swedish company H&M. Only since I started being interested in consumer culture from inside, step by step I've learned to understand how it works, to see where things hide their power and also their weaknesses.

I wanted to produce things, and I have tried. In this exhibition I am showing experiments with things that I created myself. And now it is not falling in love with something from a shop window like in the Most Commercial Project. You can fall in love with something from a shop window, and if you buy it, it may grow into true love, but maybe not. You may feel estrangement.

If you create things yourself, this will never lead to estrangement...

It is pretty important that all the things from my experiments are not ideal. They have plenty of shortcomings, and this actually tells you: "You are not in a showroom, you are almost 'at home of Vladimir Alevtina Suzi Penelopa'..."

But what is home? I always try to find artistic metaphors to explain...

I suggest choosing from one of 4 menus**.

Collector's Menu

Consumer's Menu

Colleague's Menu


Vegetarian Menu

We're not joking, you are almost in our home, and we do have a kitchen...

* The Most Commercial Project was initiated in 2004, in Maastricht, in a place with many shops and boutiques. There I drew the first drawing from a shop window - a napkin ring by Villeroy&Boch that cost 7.80 Euro. The project includes, among other drawings, a drawing of Swiss watch Franck Muler Geneve (price 341 200,00 Ukrainian Hryvnias) and a drawing of the artwork by Jeff koons «Wishing Well» which sold for $1 024 000 at the Philips de Pury&Company auction.

**4 menus is an artistic action that proposes choosing one of the 4 suggested menus - either based on the meal or your position toward art. You can try something for the first time... a meal or position...

Alevtina Kakhidze

Alevtina Kakhidze is an artist, laureate of the Kazimir Malevich Artist Award in 2008, First prize winner of the Competition for Young Curators and Artists, Center for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA (Kyiv) in 2002. Participant in numerous international and Ukrainian art projects, including IF (Perm, Museum for Contemporary Art PERMM), 1989-2009: Turbulent World - Telling Time (Berlin, Art Academy, Kyiv, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Moscow, National Center of Contemporary Art etc.), Endless Sphere (Kyiv, Center for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA) and others. Scholarship recipient at Jan van Eyck Academie (Maastricht). Artist in residency at Open House Iaspis (Stockholm), Center for Contemporary Art "Ujazdowski Castle," among others. Co-founder of a private residency for international artists in the village Muzychi and on-line publication about art More information at

Since the Ya Gallery Art Center opened in 2007, Kakhidze has presented her works at the exhibition «Shopping» (artistic project, 2008), at the exhibition «Tranzit» (curator: R.E.P., 2008), given a lecture «The evolution of consumer desire developed at about ten times its usual speed» (2008) and presented the performance «I can take your dog for a walk» at the opening of Ya Gallery Art Center in Dnipropetrovsk (2011). The exhibition "You are at home of Vladimir Alevtina Suzi Penelopa" is produced for Ya Gallery Art Center in Kyiv.


Born 1973 in Zhdanivka, Donetsk Region. Lives and works in Muzychi village, Kyiv Region.

2002 - winner of the competition for young artists and curators, Centre for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA.

2008 - received the Kazimir Malevich Artist Award.

Scholarship holder at the Jan van Eyck Academie (Maastricht, Netherlands), participated at Iaspis Open House (Stockholm, Sweden) artist residence and Centre for contemporary art "Ujazdowski Castle" (Warsaw, Poland). Co-founder of a private residence for foreign artists in the Muzychi village and the on-line art publication project: