Kyiv. Ya Gallery

Silence and loudspeaker

Andriy Dudchenko

31.01.2023 – 01.03.2023

Andriy Dudchenko

Before and after the signal, from one missile strike to the next - there are only gaps in time, only temporary silence, until the war finally ends.

Exhibition Kyiv Ya Gallery
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Combinations of words when they express incompatible, opposite by meaning phenomena may be always used to define polar conditions of world perception. However, there is always some context where verbal positions acquire wider meanings, closely intertwine with the existence and describe the world around. In the context of our “here and now," in the combination of silence and a loudspeaker, silence is the moment of tension. An acute anticipation when you are trying to catch every sound hoping to guess what is going to replace this silence. It's prickly, disturbing and tense. It does not bring peace and keeps you on your toes. But in the same context there is another silence: desired, longed-for and not reachable yet. The loudspeaker (signal, siren, bullhorn) as opposed to a frozen silence determines its limit. The loudspeaker sound is an accentuated transition from anticipation to resolution; in a way, it becomes an abstract demarcation line beyond which a possible event will take place. A blood-saturated sound cuts through the air. Before and after the signal, between missile strikes, there are only intervals of time, only conditional silence, until the war is over for good. Life and death are beside us. We are under a tremendously heavy pressure of circumstances, we have raw nerves and strong, sometimes controversial feelings. We ask ourselves a lot of questions and look for answers around us. We sometimes think of art and ask ourselves:

— What should it be right now?

— Should it be a bullhorn, propaganda, resistance slogan?

— Should it capture the tragedy (like Guernica)?

— Should it remind the humanity of the eternal values?

— Or should it stay a place of peace, zone of detachment and oblivion? Be a place to hide in from the harsh reality and negative information?

— .......?

Questions mix with each other, every time provoking us into searching for new answers: in each new painting, installation, object. In a frozen silence broken by the loudspeaker sound.

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Born in Evpatoria in 1983. Lives and works in Kyiv.

In 2002 graduated from the Crimean Art School named after M.S. Samokish, and from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Department of painting) in 2009, where he continued his study as a doctoral student.