Focus Areas

Exhibition activity

"Ya Gallery " cooperates with talented painters of Ukraine and implements their exhibition projects at different display areas, both in Ukraine, as well as abroad.

The example of implementation of the system work with young painters is the grant program Genofond. In winter 2011 the authors' project was presented in the exhibition center of Vilnius Academy of Arts Titanikas in Vilnius, and in August 2011 - in Lviv Palace of Arts. The participants of the Genofond are: Dobrynia Ivanov, Oleh Hryshchenko, Volodymyr Denysenkov, Anton Logov, Nina Murashkina, Sadan, Volodymyr Stetskovych, Svitlana Struk, Andrii Dudchenko, Ruslan Tremba and Mykyta Kravtsov. The program was supported by patrons: Oleksandr Kamenets, Pavlo Martynov, Dina Sinkler and Olena Khomenko.

The view of Pavlo Makov's exhibition Margin, 2015, Ya Gallery Art Center, Dnipropetrovsk

Also the Art Center established the project-survey of undiscovered territory of urban naive art of Ukraine. Within the frameworks of Novyi Naiv, there were conducted a great deal of exhibitions with the participation of Dmytro Moldovanov, Oleksand Naiden, Dmytro Kuzovkin, Vado, Iryna Harshyna, Oleksandr Lutsenko-Baban and other authors.

"Ya Gallery " supports the idea of dialogue in the art. Thus in particular cooperating with Lidiia Lykhach, Oleksandr Liapin and Nataliia Filonenko, the following projects were created: The Folk Current, the project-discussion of the folk naive and current Ukrainian art; The Dialogue - the opposition of abstract painting and traditional wooden sculpture; I Feel! - it is the project-experiment where the clash of modern music and painting occurs; To Kill the Photograph - the dialogue between a documentary photography and modern art; Abstract Vision Test - the test project where it was suggested to see the abstract in objective environment.

The view of exhibition MONUMENTS I, during X ART-KYIV Contemporary 2015, NACMC Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv

Longing to invite other cities and cultural organizations to the process of formation of Ukrainian art, the Art Center implements own projects in museum space of Ukraine. The first project that was introduced firstly in Lviv national gallery of art, and then in Dnipropetrovsk art museum, was the New Old Masters project. Another project - The Ground, was introduced in Cherkasy regional art museum, where the museum model became the basis for the play with classification and location of showpieces. Thus in 2014 in Khmelnytskyi regional art museum there was presented the personal project of Mykola Malyshko "To The Tree". And already in a year the art activity of the painter was presented in the walls of Dnipropetrovsk art museum within the frameworks of new exposition named "The Line".

Also "Ya Gallery " constantly takes part in different festivals of modern art, in particular in the forum of art projects ART-KYIV Contemporary, the festival of modern art HOHOLFEST and The Hight of Museums in Ukraine and abroad; namely the works of Mykola Malyshko were presented within the frameworks of The International Festival of Modern Art FIAT in Toulouse gallery Espace Croix-Baragnon. Also the authors of "Ya Gallery " Art Center take part in the international festival "Book Arsenal", international festival ARTVILNIUS and International art fair ART MOSCOW.

The view of Oleh Hryshchenko's exhibition Fruits, 2015, Ya Gallery Art Center, Kyiv

Grant program

"Ya Gallery " established a large grant program for young painters. The first grant-holder of the Art Center was Artem Volokitin in 2008. Since that time the program works on a permanent basis and ensures the system work of the authors. The result of the above is the implementation of a numerous group and personal exhibition projects in Ukraine and abroad.

The grant program of the Art Center is supported by the following patrons: Oleksandr Kamenets, Pavlo Martynov, Dina Sinkler, Olena Khomenko, Konstiantyn Kozhemiaka, Yurii Oslamovskyi, and also the family of Bilas.

Publishing program

The publishing house of art literature Artbook is a remarkable component of the "Ya Gallery " Art Center activity. The printed editions accompany the projects of the Art Center and its authors. Such editions include the catalogues Genofond (2010), Entrance/Exit (2010), Genofond. Pinacotheca (2011), The Figures of Ukraine (2015), and also the booklets of Serhii Yakutovych Hohol Was Born (2009), New Old Masters (2011), Andrii Khir (2013) and a number of others.

In 2008 Artbook established the series of books Ukrainian photography (UPO), and also issued several digests "The Symbol" dedicated to graphics and black-and-white photography in Ukraine. Apart from the above, the publishing house created the artbooks to the projects of Pavlo Makov: The Author's books, maps and miniatures in 2007 (together with Spirit and Letter), and in 2012 - The Weekly. Today the publishing house continues to work on the creation of monographs dedicated to the art activity of famous Ukrainian authors.

Anna Voitenko. Iza. Album from the Ukrainian photography series. Artbook Publishing House, 2008. – pp.132. (in Ukrainian, English)

Charitable projects

"Ya Gallery " takes part in different charitable projects and auctions. Thus within the frameworks of cooperation of the Art Center with social organization "Healthy humanity", the following charitable art projects were implemented, in particular The colouring book for adults and children's playground. In 2015 a social educational and art project ARTandFACTS was implemented.

Within the frameworks of "Ya Gallery " with the Art Arsenal Charitable Fund, there were conducted Children art studies on Modern Ukrainian Art and the special project of The Arsenal of Ideas Portrait / Self Portrait, the projects that were created for children and about children.

The Art Center continues to perform charitable activity and carry out charitable projects.

From the project Aresenal of Ideas, 2015, NACMC Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv

Educational program

In the Ya Gallery art center, there was established a large lecture program with the participation of the invited lecturers, art men and curators, among whom are Pavlo Gudimov, Borys Filonenko, Olena Hudenko-Nakonechna, Oleksandr Liapin, Oleksandr Hliadielov, Viktor Marushchenko, Serhii Maidukov.

The subject of lectures is very different. Thus for example, the course of lectures on the history of worldwide art; the Culture and heritage of France course; the course on actual topic on the history of origin and development of media art. And also there were conducted the lectures on design, publishing industry, photography, the history of modern Ukrainian art, the meetings and talks with native and foreign figures of culture and art.

The exursion of Olexandr Kadnikov's exhibition The Rake, 2012, Ya Gallery Art Center, Kyiv
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