Louvre. Volodymyr Kostyrko and Eugene Ravsky

Publishing house: Artbook Publishing House
ISBN: 978-966-1545-35-8
Year: 2017
250 UAH

Louvre is a book about retrospective exhibition of the same name by two Ukrainian painters Volodymyr Kostyrko and Eugene Ravsky who represent the movement New Old Masters. Curatorial work by Pavlo Gudimov united creations of painters in some kind of hyperinstallation in Lviv Art Palace, where comprehensive relations of Kostyrko and Ravsky with artistic environment were disclosed. A long time passed and a lot of events happened since exhibition's implementation so it is possible to observe Louvre's meanings from new and distant perspectives.

Editors - Pavlo Gudimov, Borys Filonenko

Text - Borys Filonenko

Design - Lara Yakovenko