Dnipro. Ya Gallery's terrace

To Draw Your Own Window, To Crumple The Paper

Anna Zvyagintseva

22.07.2016 – 28.11.2016

Anna Zvyagintseva

Anna Zvyagintseva's work "To Draw Your Own Window, To Crumple The Paper" took part in the Kiev Biennale 2015, and since 22 of July will be located on the terrace of Ya Gallery art center in Dnipro.

Exhibition Dnipro Ya Gallery's terrace

Anna Zvyagintseva practices transforming a sketch from life to a sculptural object by changing a material, sizes, and creating new relations between a picture and real life space. The authoress takes a sketch of the window made from a room (we can see curtains and a plant on the window sill), expands, reproduces the lines in metal, bend them, crumple as if it's a sheet of paper with a picture. Thus, the theme is either unsuccessful painting that was thrown away or a disaster that disturbed everyday life.

On the one hand, for many Ukrainian painters, the current period of life and work is determined by the impossibility to ignore the war in the East of Ukraine. On the other hand, the majority of the population is out of the military zone, and any comments concerning this disaster from the safety are rather ambiguous and worthless. The everyday life is infected by the war, however, only its witnesses can comment, not peaceful cities' inhabitants.

This composition can't be described as the war evidence, but can be the evidence of the world infected by the war, based on the author's experience.

The work created within the Kyiv Biennale "The School of Kyiv".


Anna Zvyagintseva was born in Dnipropetrovsk, in 1986. Currently, she lives and works in Kiev. She graduated from National academy of fine arts and architecture. She has been a part of a curatorial group Hudrada since 2010. In 2013 she became a finalist of Pinchuk Art Prize, in 2015 got a special prize of Pinchuk Art Centre and won in the category Public choice prize.

Artist's website: annazvyagintseva.com